Aziz Ansari casually shutting it down

he’s not really right, tho. there are more brown dudes getting shit working in 7-11’s than there are working sitcoms. that’s still a problem.

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I love Fredrick Lamar! — a white girl wearing a bindi at coachella (via 100newfears)

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so native american men have higher suicide rates than any other ethnicity apparently as well as here in canada native women are murdered literally fucking non stop but all white people care about is that we get some spots in school they can’t apply for and they don’t think its fair lol #bye

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The stonewall riots were started by trans women of colour and nobody is allowed to forget that

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but we can’t deny that orientalism produced some beautiful things

from “Chinese Silence No. 6, after Billy Collins, ‘Despair’“:

I wonder what my ancient Chinese predecessors
would make of all this,
these engineers and monkish masters?

Today, I hear your tinny voice blaring from the rooftops
in praise of my reticence, and my thoughts turn
to my honorable ancestors:

Fuk Yu, who gnashed Pacific rails
between his eloquent teeth,
and his great-grandson, glaring out from the Middle West,
Yu No-Hu.

— Timothy Yu:

What I owe my mother, I’ll never be able to repay